Beirut Emergency Fund 2020

8.7 Million

On August 4, 2020, a massive and deadly explosion rocked Beirut. It came at a time when Lebanon was facing its worst economic crisis, COVID-19 and unprecedented levels of poverty and hunger.

Over 200 people were killed; over 6,000 thousand injured, and over 300,000 have been left homeless. Businesses, schools, homes and hospitals were destroyed.

We’re working closely with our partners to address the most immediate needs and pressing challenges.

Your donations to the Beirut Emergency Fund are being allocated and disbursed with full transparency.

To date about $7,125,807 Million have been allocated as follows:

$2,882,247 Million for hospitals/medical and mental health support
$4,116,500 Million for rehabilitation and reconstruction
$127,060 for other needs

Beneficiary Organizations are:
Geitawi Hospital, Hotel Dieu de France, St George Hospital, Saint Joseph des Soeurs de la Croix Hospital, Assameh birth & beyond – Karantina Hospital
Medical and Mental Health Support: APEG (Association pour la protection des enfants de la guerre), arcenciel, Embrace, Happy Childhood Foundation, Himaya, Lebanese Red Cross, Lebanon Needs, CDLL (Cénacle de La Lumière)
Rehabilitation and Reconstruction:
Baytna Baytak, Beit El Baraka, Lebanese Food Bank, Nusaned, Offre Joie, RMF (Rene Moawad Foundation), Solidarity, House of Christmas, Live Love, Melanie Freiha in collaboration with arcenciel, Al Ghina
SOS Children’s Villages, Rifaq El-Darb, AFLEG, Beit El Baraka, Nusaned, Al Ghina, Rotary Club Kesrouan

For more details on allocations click here

We’ve come a long way since the August 4th explosion in Beirut but much more is needed. SEAL will continue to help build a better future for Lebanon in 2021 and beyond however, the Beirut Emergency Fund has officially closed on December 31, 2020. We will be updating the list of the remaining allocations once available.


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Beirut Emergency Fund 2020

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